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Transition to Web Design

After earning my bachelor's degree in art, I went to work in what seemed to be a totally different direction, that of computers.

In 1985, after experiencing various computer settings in the business world, I took some time off to raise a family. As my daughter grew, I went back to San Francisco State University to work on a teaching credential. I taught art for three years in an Orinda elementary school. I also taught in an after-school science program in San Ramon, directed a high-school art class for two summer school sessions, and worked as a substitute teacher in four districts.

Although teaching was very fulfilling, and my hours corresponded with my daughter's when she was small, I began to need more income. I went back to school yet again, this time a training program, the Regional Occupational Program, to learn web page design.

I found writing HTML code and designing web pages to be a creative and fulfilling occupation, combining my training in art with my business computer knowledge.

I am currently employed at corporate Longs Drugs as a web designer and technical writer.