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The Art of Jose Posada

Jose Guadalupe Posada (1852 - 1913) was Mexico's most famous graphic artist. He was a truly popular artist who illustrated books, novels, and the famous broadsides (news sheets) that were distributed throughout the country. Many of his drawings could be considered to be political cartoons. Modern artists such as Rivera, Kahlo, Orozco and many others were influenced by his engravings and incorporated much of his imagery into their own work.

For your enjoyment, and education, I present here for a limited time, reproductions of some of his famous artworks. Known especially for his engravings of the "calaveras" or skeletons that cavort, eat and drink, ride bicycles and horses, are revolutionaries, street vendors, and everyday people. His art is traditional for All Souls' Day, the Mexican Day of the Dead or "dia de los Muertos".

The prints that I show here were "borrowed" from the book Posada's Popular Mexican Prints edited by Roberto Berdecio and Stanley Appelbaum, published by Dover Publications, Inc. New York.

Calavera Catrina
The Happy Street Sweepers
The Calavera from Oaxaca
The Calavera of Don Quioxte
The Dance and Party of the Calaveras
The Calaveras of the Newscarriers
The Calavera of the Alley Cat
The Trolly Car of the Calavera
The Calavera of Senor Madero